Having a kidney transplant? What to expect post surgery

Living Post-Transplant
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Recorded June 25, 2019
Preparing for a kidney transplant can be overwhelming. Once you get through the evaluation process and are ready for surgery, you may be thinking of questions about what to expect after your transplant. Join us to get answers to some of the most common questions transplant recipients have about what to expect when it is time to leave the hospital, recover from surgery and get used to the new normal of living with a kidney transplant.

Recorded June 25, 2019  |  7 p.m. CDT


Mandy Reister

Mandy Riester, RN BSN

Renal/Pancreas Transplant Nurse Coordinator | University of Kansas Health System
Mandy Riester has worked with transplant patients for almost 7 years. For the last 4 years she’s been the inpatient kidney nurse coordinator at University of Kansas Health System, teaching new kidney and pancreas patients how to care for themselves immediately following transplant. Mandy has a passion for transplant and for PKD patients.  

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