Author: Greg Baldauf. “My New Kidney & Me” explores a body’s betrayal, a living donor’s generosity, and a life renewed. One phone message changed everything for Greg Baldauf: After thirty-five years of living with polycystic kidney disease (PKD), he learned his kidneys were in renal failure and he’d need a transplant to survive. My New Kidney & Me tells his story: the long search for a donor, the generosity of a stranger, the anxious lead-up to transplant surgery, the sometimes-disorienting recovery process, and the gratitude and joy that follow. “The struggle of facing a life-threatening disease and needing an organ transplant requires courage, tenacity, and optimism when the disease becomes acute – not only on the patient’s part, but also for their family,” says Baldauf. “I hope my story will help people in similar situations to cope, survive, and thrive, and even inspire others to consider becoming an organ donor.” Baldauf was compelled to share his humbling story because of the overwhelming love and support of his family and friends and the incredible altruism and goodness of, Bret Williams, his living kidney donor. “Greg Baldauf’s emotional ride will at once make you laugh and cry,” says Dr. Yolanda Becker, Baldauf’s transplant surgeon at University of Chicago Medicine. “He weaves a story that only a patient can tell, describing the roller coaster ride he took from his diagnosis through to the post-transplant phase. A mandatory read for anyone who has a loved one experiencing kidney disease.” For more information visit The book is available from Itasca Books or on Amazon.

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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

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